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"There is a type of pain that words will do nothing to sooth. When the heart is sodden with grief and can no longer hold its burden of tears. But the funny thing is, those moments often bring about the sweetest ends... for without a doubt, the darkest hours of night lurk just on the shimmering edge of dawn."

-Chapter Preview :3

Skyline/Life Update

Fri Dec 30, 2016, 11:54 PM
Hey everyone,

It's totally unfair to keep you out of the loop after promising something that was never delivered, so I wanted to post this quick update to tell you all what's going on.  To be quite frank, I feel completely terrible for repeatedly doing this pretty much every time I'm preparing to release a new chapter.  Without fail, as I'm putting on the finishing touches, life hits me like a ton of bricks.  As I've worked on this most recent chapter (the Christmas special), I've gotten extremely sick, had a bunch of last minute plans pop up, and have repeatedly been kept hours past my scheduled time at work.  Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing but it obviously limits the time I've had to write, hence the constant cries of "It will be finished soon!" and "I promise, just one more day!"  (Plus, it doesn't exactly help that I'm at a stage in my writing where I hate pretty much everything I type DX.)

But anyway, I realize that people probably aren't even that excited about this chapter being released but regardless, I shouldn't be making promises that I'm not positive I can keep.  So for the gazillionth time, I'm immensely sorry...and I hope you know I mean that.  

Since this is the Christmas special, it will pretty much have completely lost its effect once the new year hits, so I am going to TRY to finish it by the end of New Year's Eve.  I'm not making any promises, though, because we all know how that usually turns out for me, but I will do my best to get it done.  Thank you all for your patience and in case I don't post anything before then,  I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Edit:  I swear life hates me.... woke up with a corneal abrasion (scratch on my eye) so I'm essentially half blind today and even this is painful to write. I'm at the doctor's office now and if they can numb it, there's still a possibility I can finish. Please pray for me--all of these disruptions are getting very frustrating :/

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So here's the thing...

Don't ever listen to me if I set a deadline for myself. Just don't do it. I'm terrible at time management when it comes to writing so "it's coming on [insert day here]," usually means it will just get done within a day or two of that deadline. So that chapter I promised by the end of today (25th)? Yeah, that'll be coming sometime tomorrow. Hopefully. It's almost done so it really should be finished by then...

In all seriousness, though, I really am sorry. I hate myself for being so terrible at these things DX
It probably seems like I have no Christmas spirit but I swear, this is my favorite holiday ever and I'm actually freaking out on my tumblr XD

Sooooo....Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!!! And to those who don’t, I still hope you have a lovely day filled with lots of kindness and joy!
The Christmas chapter of Skyline will be released before the end of Christmas day, PST! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Taylor Grace
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Hello and welcome! I am a Christian girl and aspiring actress who loves to write and perform. I hope you enjoy my work--thanks for stopping by!


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