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Christmas is Coming by WickedlyElphie Christmas is Coming :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 2 2
Sonic Skyline Chapter 11: Convergence
“Late... Again,” Sally muttered, defacing the paper in front of her with yet another red “x”.   How many did that make for this month?  Oh, that’s right. Five. You’d think someone who could move faster than sound itself would have a tendency to arrive early. But once again, Sally found herself marking the hedgehog and every one of his deliveries overdue.  If it had been a few minutes, she could have let it slide, but he was supposed to have checked in hours ago.  Customers had already started to complain.. He couldn’t keep doing this.
She sighed and sat back in her chair, feeling the weight of this and so many other exhausting thoughts from the past day pulling at her eyelids.  Warm light glistened like gold on her polished oak desk, the gentle tick of a clock the only instrument in the symphony of silence.  In the streak of moonlight that trickled through closed curtains, even the plain normalcy of a
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 9 11
Sonic Skyline Ch. 10: Supercell
It didn’t quite seem real.  The scene was split in two.  Shadowed but flooded with light.  Expected yet completely unforeseen.  All too fast and yet… painfully slow, the world suspended in a whirlwind of rage and speckled with regret.
Of course, Sonic knew it was going to happen at some point and the scenario he’d imagined had always looked something like this.  The storm clouds creeping around them, darkening the world little by little, illuminated only by the frenzied dance of lightning that cracked the grey shell of sky.  Nothing short of a nightmare.  Still, he always thought he’d be ready when it came true.  Half a year seems like infinity when each and every hour is enough to traverse nearly half a continent.   And after a while, the clock starts to slow and time drags on--even something as soon as tomorrow seems light years away--so when those dreaded moments finally do arrive, they’re all the more d
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 13 8
Guardian of Hope by WickedlyElphie Guardian of Hope :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 2 0 Soarin' Over the Skyline by WickedlyElphie Soarin' Over the Skyline :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 4 1
'Go' ~Sonic 2017~
Red. A fiery inferno blazes across the world, bathing every building, every cloud, every inch of cursed metal in scarlet.  Dangerous.  Unyielding.  Chaotic.  The world lays vulnerable to its scorching heat.
Blue.  A streak of sky in the billows of smoke.  The wind spirals in its wake, instantly snuffing out the smaller flames.  Kindness. Hope. Courage.  The hero, back to save the day.
Yellow. The sun begins to rise, fighting to pierce the veil of night.  Humble.  Loyal. Determined.  The rays are small but little by little, they will grow, forever accompanied by the sapphire sky.
Silver. The words foretelling. They penetrate the darkness, though dark or light is not for them to say. The past. The present. The future.  Whether good or evil, who yet can tell?  
Black.  The ground crumbles beneath the sky and threatens to engulf the world. Strong.
Broken. Shifting.  Forever hindering the wind, yet sky cannot exist w
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 7 0
Writing Warm-Up
Silver tears fall from the sky and dampen the ground beneath us.  It’s all so familiar.  The shadows of the boughs above.  The smell of wet pine and the feeling of cold air sweeping through the trees.  I remember her windblown face, cheeks as pink as sunset and eyes shimmering like stars.  Her crisp breath leaving puffs of cloud suspended in the winter air.
 The day we met.
She’d looked up at me with such fear.  Just an innocent child.  Alone.  Afraid.  
Her hand had quivered as I held mine out to her.  She was so cold.  I’d shuddered to think of what would have happened to her if she hadn’t been found.  
But I had promised her something that day.  I promised to protect her.  I promised to stand by her side.  
How did it all go wrong?  
How was I  so wrong?
Her whisper brings me back.   I can feel the warmth ebbing from the body and ca
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 1 0
Sonic Skyline Ch. 9: Dryline
Downy clouds filled the sky, wrapping the world in a wispy blanket of dappled light. They looked light and fluffy as they twirled through the blue ocean of sky, tossed about by a river cool wind that whistled softly as it swept around the marble columns and arches of the ruins.  Running in between the pillars was a small airstrip, though the asphalt runway was currently shrouded in sunlit fog.
Tails watched with clear fascination, blue eyes bright and sparkling as he took in the view from the balcony of his house.  The little fox knew there was nothing to fear from the billows of cloud.  They were a pale grey colour, a clear sign that they would be bringing with them light showers at most--a welcome contrast to the spontaneous storms that had plagued the Skyworld up until six months ago.  
His ear twitched, picking up a strange noise coming from within the clouds.  He looked in the direction of the sound, squinting his eyes against the glare of the sun that fil
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 17 15
Cynderlee Rough Sketch by WickedlyElphie Cynderlee Rough Sketch :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 4 0
Sonic Skyline Ch. 8: Dawn
Amy sighed, brushing a stray quill from her face as she drew in the sweetened air.  The last flickering threads of starlight had begun to fade, washed away by the rosy ocean of early morning sun that swept across the sky. Droplets of pink light fell through the scattered branches and sapphire leaves above her, landing themselves upon her closed eyelids.  
Her ears twitched in pleasure as she felt the light cross her darkened vision and she opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the brightening world around her.  Fatigue melted away, replaced by an immeasurable amount of pleasure that reminded her why she'd come to the garden so early.
Dawn was her favorite time of day.  It seemed to reverberate with the melody of rising hope and new beginnings.  It began slowly, quietly--At first nothing more than the babbling of the garden creek and the fading chirps of the crickets in the grass.  But then that first ray of sun burst through the sky and the song cr
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 14 10
Diamond Dew by WickedlyElphie Diamond Dew :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 5 2
Gates of Nyxus Ch. 1: The Beginning
"...The End," the young hedgehog finished, his voice barely audible as he pulled a blanket over the sleeping figure--a little fox who had long since fallen asleep.
Cynderlee peered through the glass of the window, careful to avoid being seen. What she'd give to have someone care about her like that! The silver cheetah cub longed to burst in and beg for help. After all, these were heroes, right?  Maybe they would actually take her in.
Except she was far too accustomed to the opposite response.  It was always the same. She'd show up in some random town and maybe someone would feel sorry enough for the terrified child to actually help her.  Things would go well enough for a short while--maybe it would even begin to feel like home.  But then it would happen. She'd lose control and be driven away. It seemed her fate to remain forever alone.
Yes, she had come here in the hopes that the Freedom Fighters would help her find a way to get rid of the powers she'd deemed her "c
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 1 8
In Progress by WickedlyElphie In Progress :iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 0 0
Sonic Skyline Ch. 7: Winds Have Changed
Six Months Later

Faster…faster… Keep going! No, don’t fight the wind. Let it carry you. Come on, higher! through the clouds!  Savor the silence but don’t look down. Take a breath, close your eyes, and… fall. Feel the sky racing past.  That’s it! No one to stop you. No one to tell you no.  No holding back!

Can you hear them yet?  Yes?  Open your eyes.
See the waves.  No, don’t stop yet. Closer…closer… now, up!  Skim the water, don’t fear it.  No more limits. No more fear.
You’re free.
“I’m free…”  Sonic laughed, eyes sparkling with newfound joy.  Sapphire waves crashed around him, tossing their salty spray into the sky. He ran beneath one, droplets of water streaming behind him as he emerged.
“Yeah!” He shouted in exhilaration, racing upward once more.  The scarf drifted behind him, having been
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 17 22
Gates of Nyxus: Prologue
Once upon a time, there was a realm called the Dreamscape, a world that rested in the plane between dream and reality.  It was ruled by a great kingdom:  The Kingdom of Nyxus.
Nyxus was thriving and beautiful, like the most wonderful dream.  Entire cities were made of crystal, their jeweled towers rising into the sky.  When you walked the streets, you found they were paved with starlight that sparkled day and night.  Outside the cities stood rolling hills made completely of  clouds, and forests filled with trees of ice and snow that never melted.  Oceans of liquid atmosphere met with shores of golden sand.
The heroes of this kingdom were the seven Nyxus Guardians, each of which represented one of the powers that kept the kingdom strong:  Hope, joy, mercy, selflessness, faithfulness, courage, and love.  These powers were called the Keys and in addition to keeping the world alive, they could also be used to open the doors to reality.   Th
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 2 3
Sonic Skyline Prequel Chapter Part 2/2
"Sonic, honey, it's time to go!  Your father is waiting for us onboard!" A female hedgehog shouted over the noise of the crowd.  
"Just a sec, mom!  Amy said she'd be here to say goodbye!"  Sonic shouted back, searching the sea of faces for his friend.
"I'm sorry, sweetie, but the ship's about to leave.  We have to go now."
He cast one more reluctant glance around the docks before taking his mother's hand and following her onboard the boat.  
"Oh, excuse me," he heard her apologize as she brushed past another hedgehog.  The way the white-quilled teen looked at him as they passed gave Sonic chills. There was a mixture of sadness and utter hatred reflected in those golden eyes and the boy quickly looked away the moment they made contact.  
"Sonic, are you alright?"  His mother asked, taking notice of his disappointed demeanor as the ship started to move. "Aren't you excited to see your uncle?"
"Yeah," he replied. "I was just so sure that A-"
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 12 14


.::Sonar Mode::. by Sonar15 .::Sonar Mode::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 71 32 .::OTP challenge #2: SoNar Adabat Coconut Milk::. by Sonar15 .::OTP challenge #2: SoNar Adabat Coconut Milk::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 65 17 Art-Trade with Fini-mun from he. by SPJ-artredesign Art-Trade with Fini-mun from he. :iconspj-artredesign:SPJ-artredesign 80 33 TAKE THAT!!! by Thaliafox TAKE THAT!!! :iconthaliafox:Thaliafox 41 17 .::OTP challenge #1: SoNar Selfie::. by Sonar15 .::OTP challenge #1: SoNar Selfie::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 86 43 Blaze the Cat in Ancient by SPJ-artredesign Blaze the Cat in Ancient :iconspj-artredesign:SPJ-artredesign 138 7 SB2 Sonic and Sonic Ancient by SPJ-artredesign SB2 Sonic and Sonic Ancient :iconspj-artredesign:SPJ-artredesign 260 58 SB2 Sticks and Sticks Ancient by SPJ-artredesign SB2 Sticks and Sticks Ancient :iconspj-artredesign:SPJ-artredesign 137 12 Asim the Blue Beetle by SPJ-artredesign Asim the Blue Beetle :iconspj-artredesign:SPJ-artredesign 22 4 TMOM Issue 11 page 24 by Gigi-D TMOM Issue 11 page 24 :icongigi-d:Gigi-D 418 173 Skyline by Drawloverlala Skyline :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 997 51
150+ Watcher Art Raffle - CLOSED
To show that I appreciate everyone, I'll be holding an art raffle. 
I'll have one winner for now but if 50+ people join I'll extend in into two winner. 
Full body art 

Sonic Fan CharactersAnthro (in sonic style)
Gore Sexual interactionAnime or humansRo
:iconthaliafox:Thaliafox 39 134
.::Free Comic Page Sonic Skyline::. by Sonar15 .::Free Comic Page Sonic Skyline::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 43 22 .:Blue Winter by ginkgografix .:Blue Winter :iconginkgografix:ginkgografix 323 86 Dark Winter Journal Skin by Winyumi Dark Winter Journal Skin :iconwinyumi:Winyumi 849 211 Winter Night Journal Skin by Winyumi Winter Night Journal Skin :iconwinyumi:Winyumi 1,939 710


Research...Kids, don't chase EF4 tornadoes at home ;)

I know, I know, I'm taking forever.  But in case anyone's interested in some other stuff I'm involved with, I'll just leave this here.  I'm the narrator.  :)

P.S.  I swear I'm not neglecting the chapter, I've just rewritten it about fifty times and can't decide which version I should use...
Can we pleeeease have another Sonic game that returns to the Colors style of music??  The orchestrated soundtracks are so gorgeous <3



Artist | Literature
United States
Hello and welcome! I am a Christian girl and aspiring actress who loves to write and perform. I hope you enjoy my work--thanks for stopping by!


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